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June 2017

Lower Chakra EFT
Margaret Lynch
Ignite Your Power

Tapping on the Lower Chakras

The lower four chakras are where the action is in healing because that is where most of our childhood traumas are hidden that block our quest for health and wealth. I just completed an Ignite Your Power certification training program with Tapping into Wealth coach Margaret Lynch as described in the June 2017 Let Magic Happen blog. She has skillfully combined Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) with chakra energetics and shadow work. We learned and practiced 12 intensive tapping scripts designed to heal the fear shadow of the 1st chakra, the anger shadow of the 2nd chakra, the craving shadow of the 3rd chakra and the grief shadow of the 4th chakra which I will be offering in 4 individual 90 minute sessions at Oriental Health Solutions, LLC, this summer. These issues correspond sequentially with the emotional imbalances related to the Chinese 5 elements of water, wood, earth and metal that lead to illnesses such as allergies, frozen shoulder, diabetes, and sinusitis which will be explored in my Medical Intuition and Symbolic Healing workshop at the Monroe Institute on 10/14-20/2017. Tapping to unblock these lower chakras in ascending order will free up energy to flow from your heart into the higher chakras so that you can powerfully express your truth in the 5th chakra, enhance your intuition in the 6th chakra and expand your divine connection in the 7th chakra. During the training I experienced some important insights about childhood traumas related to the medical system that have had echoes throughout my life and career ever since as discussed below.

My Lower Chakra Insights
While tapping on the 1st chakra I remembered seeing photographs in a historical exhibit at Pittsburgh’s Magee-Womens Hospital of the delivery room where I was born in 1955. It was all cold, sterile stainless steel without the touchy feely warmth of new modern birthing suites. I could imagine how I may have felt about having been sent to the wrong place, and I have had a lifelong fear of cold ever since. Years later when I was working as an orderly in my first summer job during college I learned how to catheterize men and was shocked to learn from my mother that I had it done to me at 1 year of age for a urinary tract infection radiographic study. Having done those procedures during my residency I knew that my screaming small self would have been strapped down during the process, so you can imagine how the safety issues that were triggered may have led to my chronic sense of bladder urgency. My anger at invasive medical procedures manifested later in childhood in my 2nd chakra when my pediatrician had to chase me around the office to give me my shots and when in 3rd grade I sprained my knee and had to be held down to have the blood aspirated out of it through a big needle. As a result I’ve spent most of my career using hypnosis and other mind-body techniques to make medical procedures more comfortable for patients. As a teenager my severe acne created a shameful wound in my 3rd chakra of craving acceptance from my peers due to my unattractive appearance. My coping method was to create a false smile as a people pleaser, and I still have the scars on my face to this day to remind me of the importance of setting healthy boundaries. My failures in medical school to cope with the abusive educational system led me into radiology as a field where I could escape from going through a stressful internship. However the grief from that avoidance experience left me with the 4th chakra need to forgive myself for not paying the price to become a real doctor. With all those lower chakra lessons behind me, I can now use that energy to empower my upper chakras.

Margaret Lynch Coaching


Ignite Your Power
Margaret worked as a chemical engineer in industry for 18 years before discovering EFT 10 years ago and beginning her very popular and successful Tapping into Wealth coaching program. Her gift is in combining her business expertise with an ability to expose the shadow issues of the lower chakras to the light of healing.