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FINDING the Hidden Message in Your Symptoms

My quest for hidden messages in symptoms was initiated by my own puzzling illnesses, spurred on by my father’s renal cancer and Louise Hay’s Heal Your Body book, and given solid academic grounding by the work of Dr. Brian Broom as described in the August 2013 Let Magic Happen newsletter Invisible Symbolic Diseases. I will be exploring these issues in depth in an all day preconference workshop at the Canadian Energy Psychology Conference in Toronto on October 24, 2013 as detailed in the 2 minute video below.

Hope to see you in beautiful Toronto, city of great restaurants on the lake.
I’ll also be doing a shorter related Breakout Session on October 26, 2013
Transforming Symptoms with Metaphorical Imagery and EDANVIR Tapping

Conference Keynoters, http://www.epccanada.ca

David Gruder, PhD, DCEP, The Future of the Field in a Changed World
Marlise Karlin, Embrace Your Mastery: The Accelerated Energy of Transformation
David Feinstein, PhD, DCEP, What Does ENERGY Have to Do with Energy Psychology
Colette Baron-Reid, Messages From Spirit…Your Destiny Revealed…
Eric Pearl, DC, Explore the New Frequencies of Healing

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Posted by Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos
Sep 22  at  07:46 PM

Great Blog!! I am a 3x breast cancer survivor whose dreams found cancer physicians and the tests on which they relied missed, all three times. But my dreams told me they were there. Tapping is a way I helped control my pain without medication during my cancer treatments. As a three time survivor, there comes a point where you begin to look for holistic approaches as often as possible because your body is saturated with pharmaceuticals. I have shared this blog onto my social media ages.

Posted by Larry Burk
Sep 27  at  10:47 AM

I’m looking forward to being on your show on 10/22 to discuss my breast cancer dreams research project which I will describe in my next newsletter.
Let magic happen,

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