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TRANSFORMING Symptoms As Metaphors

How would you like to transform your symptoms? I learned the Metaphors for Change exercise from business coach Martha Tilyard and modified it into this Symptom As Metaphor technique for physical issues. It can be combined with EFT for Physical Symptoms of Grief from the January 2014 Let Magic Happen newsletter. I will guide you through the metaphorical imagery process in this 8 minute video and share a story about a student of mine with an eating disorder. A 22 minute combination video Using EFT and Imagery can be found in the Let Magic Happen store for $4.99.

Excerpt from the Appendix of Let Magic Happen.
Symptom as Metaphor

The steps are as follows:
1) Choose a chronic symptom you have been working with from a conventional perspective that might benefit from a different approach.
2) List three physical facts about the symptom (location, intensity, duration, etc.), then list three related emotional feelings.
3) Create a metaphor by completing the following sentence with the first phrase that pops into your head, Having this symptom in my body for me is like ...              .
4) Consider the implications inherent in using this metaphor to represent your symptom and notice if this gives you any insight into how you have been dealing with it.
5) Think about your goal for healing this symptom. List three physical facts and three related emotional feelings that will be true when you are healed.
6) Create a new metaphor by completing the following sentence with the first phrase that pops into your head, Being healed of this symptom for me is like ...                .
7) When you think about having the symptom now, substitute the new metaphor for the old metaphor and give your body a chance to adapt itself to your new perspective.

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Posted by Chara
Jan 27  at  09:43 PM

Larry, this is a very helpful approach and I’m going to experiment with it.  As someone who has used EFT for a few years, since you mention EFT I’m curious about how you think PsychK compares.  EFT has the use advantage of being something one can learn and use oneself, while PsychK appears to be very expensive, but also highly praised.  If you have knowledge of PsychK, do you think it offers anything EFT doesn’t?

Posted by Larry Burk
Jan 27  at  10:58 PM

I’m glad you are going to explore the metaphors.  I’ve only seen one video demo of PsychK, and it uses muscle testing which makes it more like TFT than EFT. While I trained in muscle testing to get my CEHP from ACEP, I don’t use it much. I prefer EFT to empower clients to heal themselves rather than rely on me.
Happy tapping,

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