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Web Resources by Chapter


Samuel Shem, (Stephen Bergman, MD)

Arthur C. Clarke Foundation

Chapter 1 - Seeing inside the body

Radiological Society of North America

Yoga Research Society

1.5 Tesla Surface Coil MRI of the Knee

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Lumbar Spine in People without Back Pain

Rotator Cuff Tears: Prospective Comparison of MR Imaging with Arthrography, Sonography, and Surgery

Chapter 2 - Electromagnetic Perils and Promises

MRI Safety by Frank Shellock, PhD

Whitley Strieber

Bioelectromagnetics Society

Bakken Museum

Norm Shealy, MD, PhD

Association for Research and Enlightenment

Jefferson Mindfulness Institute, Diane Reibel, PhD

Emory Center for Ethics, Paul Root Wolpe, PhD

MR Imaging of Patients with Intracranial Aneurysm Clips

MR Procedures: Biological Effects, Safety and Patient Care

Hospital Fined by Health Dept. in Death of Boy during M.R.I.

MRI Safety Update 2008: Part 2, Screening Patients for MRI

ACR Guidance Document for Safe MR Practices: 2007

Chapter 3 - Cancer as an Initiation

Bernie Siegel, MD

Louise Hay

Norman Arnold

Andrew Weil, MD


Simonton Cancer Center

James Redfield

Chapter 4 - Psychics and Synchronicities

John C. Lilly, MD

Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education

Transcendental Meditation


Self-Realization Fellowship

American Teilhard Association

Brian L. Weiss, MD

Ian Stevenson, MD

John Van Auken

Birthmarks and Birth Defects Corresponding to Wounds on Deceased Persons

Chapter 5 - Diagnosis from a Distance

The Diagnostic Validity of Human Electromagnetic Field (Aura) Perception

Caroline Myss, PhD

American Holistic Medical Association

Society for Medical Decision Making

Winter Robinson

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Donna Gulick, MA

Samueli Institute

Joan Windsor

Daniel Benor, MD

Doctor Healer Network

Alliance Institute for Integrative Medicine

Rosalyn L. Bruyere, DD

Mona Lisa Schulz, MD, PhD

American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition

Mary Jo Bulbrook, RN, EdD

The Doctor and the Psychic by Leon Curry, MD

Brent Atwater

Barbara Brennan, PhD

Intuitive Magnetic Imaging

From Thales to Lauterbur, or From the Lodestone to MR Imaging: Magnetism and Medicine

Chapter 6 - Drumming Up the Spirits

Dean Ornish, MD

Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Mary Phyllis Horn, MEd

Inner Divinity by Mara Bishop

Medicine Cards

Animal-Speak & Animal-Wise by Ted Andrews

The Duke Endowment

MANTRA Project, Mitch Krucoff, MD

Duke Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health

Sai Baba

MANTRA Project, Jon Seskevich, RN, BSN, CHTP

Larry Dossey, MD

J. T. Garrett, EdD

The Foundation and Heritage of Duke University

Unconventional Medicine: Prevalence, Costs and Patterns of Use

Beneficial Effects of Noetic Therapies on Mood before Percutaneous Intervention for Unstable Coronary Syndromes

Music, Imagery, Touch, and Prayer as Adjuncts to Interventional Cardiac Care: the MANTRA II Randomised Study

Firewalker Healing, Jeff Schmitt, PhD

Chapter 7 - Anodyne Means No Pain

Anodyne Imagery: An Alternative to IV Sedation in Interventional Radiology

Elvira Lang, MD

Anodyne Imagery, Donna Hamilton

Wellness Consultants International, PLLC, Holly Forester-Miller, PhD

American Society of Clinical Hypnosis

Effect of Team Training on Patients

Hypnosis and Surgery: Past, Present and Future

Chapter 8 - Intuitions from Beyond

Marcia Emery, PhD

Stefan Kasian, PhD

Rosemary Altea

Melvin Morse, MD

Dannion Brinkley

International Association of Near-Death Studies

ADC by Bill Guggenheim

Afterlife Encounters by Dianne Arcangel

Love Lives On by Louis LaGrand, PhD

Final Gifts by Maggie Callanan, RN

Induced ADC by Allan Botkin, PsyD

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Institute

Raymond Moody, MD, PhD

Near-Death Experiences Parallel Biblical Resurrection

Chapter 9 - Healing Dream Guidance

Marc Ian Barasch

Herbert Benson, MD

John Templeton Foundation

Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD

Joan Borysenko, PhD

Loretta LaRoche

Greg Tamblyn

Bowen White, MD

Elliott S. Dacher, MD

The Duke Chronicle

Coleman Barks

Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

Duke Center for Integrative Medicine

Mary Duke Biddle Foundation

Patrick Overton

Duke Institute on Care at the End of Life

Joan Halifax Roshi

Therese Schroeder-Sheker

Fetzer Institute

The People's Pharmacy, Joe Graedon, MS

Journey to Hope by Thomas Hudson, MD

Hippocrates Health Institute

UNC Program on Integrative Medicine

Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine

Christiane Northrup, MD

Mitch Gaynor, MD

Ultrasound and Mammography vs Mammography Alone in Women at Elevated Risk of Breast Cancer

Mammography, Breast Ultrasound, and MRI for Surveillance of Women at High Familial Risk for Breast Cancer

Screening for Breast Cancer: How Effective Are Our Tests? A Critical Review

Chapter 10 - Transforming Education

How to Swim with Sharks: A Primer by Voltaire Cousteau

Holoquest, Bob Brame, LMBT

Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, PhD

Monroe Institute

Holotropic Breathwork by Stanislav Grof, MD

Alex Grey

The Wellness Alliance, Susan DeLaney, ND

Redford Williams, MD, and Virginia Williams, PhD

International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Esse Quam Videri: The Enduring Influence of Al Buehler

Binaural Auditory Beats Affect Vigilance Performance and Mood

The Right Man Syndrome: Skepticism and Alternative Medicine

Bravewell Collaborative

Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine

Chapter 11 - Acupuncture Has Side Benefits

Lowell Kobrin, MD, PhD

Medical Acupuncture for Physicians Course by Joseph M. Helms, MD

Harmony Gate, Ian Florian, LAc, PhD

Five Animal Frolics Qi Gong by Jay Dunbar, PhD

Noursihing Destiny by Lonny Jarrett, LAc, MS

Whole-Person Health Care

Now, About My Operation in Peking

The Role of Chinese Principles in Modern Medicine

Electro-Acupoint Stimulation or Ondansetron Vs Placebo for the Prevention of Postoperative Nausea & Vomiting

Chapter 12 - Turning Points

Oriental Health Solutions, LLC, Ken Morehead, LAc

Harmony Gate, Andy Prescott, LAc

Oriental Health Solutions, LLC, Dagmar Ehling, LAc

Oriental Health Solutions, LLC, herbal video tour

A Mystic's Garden, Glenn Kolleda

Legacy Center


Vanderbilt Center for Outcomes Research in Education, Emil Petrusa, PhD

Magic Wings Butterfly House

Chapter 13 - Shaking Is Good Medicine

Michael T. Greenwood, MD

Wounded Knee Museum

Shaking Medicine by Bradford Keeney, PhD

Across the Threshold Conference

Profiles of Healing

Chuck Davis African American Dance Ensemble

Psychosomatic Compartmentalization: The Root of Qi and Blood Stagnation

Acupuncture and Intention: Needling Without Needles

Chapter 14 - Tapping Our Hidden Potential

EFT, Gary Craig

Duke Diet and Fitness Center

Rice Diet Program

Thought Field Therapy

Carol Look, CSW, EFT Master

EFT Downunder, Steve Wells, MPsych

Bessel van der Kolk, MD

EFT For Vets, Ingrid Dinter

Soul Medicine Institute, Dawson Church, PhD

Operaton Emotional Freedom by Eric Huurre

EFT Downunder, David Lake, MD

Jo Ann Simmons Photography

Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology


Acupuncturists Without Borders

Center for Mind-Body Medicine

Evaluation of a Meridian-based Intervention, EFT, for Reducing Specific Phobias of Small Animals

The Body Keeps Score: Memory and the Evolving Psychobiology of Posttraumatic Stress

The Treatment of Combat Trauma in Veterans using EFT: A Pilot Protocol

Single Session EFT For Stress-Related Symptoms after Motor Vehicle Accidents

Tap Your Hidden Potential by Larry Burk, MD, CEHP

Chapter 15 - There Is No Spoon

Spoon Bending

Jack Houck

The Barn at Valhalla, Duffy Gilligan

John of God

Parapsychological Association

Edgar Mitchell, PhD

Uri Geller

Marilyn Schlitz, PhD

Stanford Research Institute International

Dean Radin, PhD

Global Consciousness Project

Ingo Swann

Russell Targ, PhD

Joe McMoneagle

Rupert Sheldrake, PhD

Jill Bolte Taylor, PhD

Eben Alexander, III, MD

John Perkins

Jose Arguelles

Dennis McKenna, PhD

Beyond 2912 by Geoff Stray

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Duke

Jay Weidner

Science of the Soul by Lee Lawrence

Warriors of the Lakota by Peter Burk, MA & John Connolly

Knife Chief Buffalo Nation, Jeff and Ed Iron Cloud

Conceptual Model of Paranormal Phenomena

The Measurement and Characterization of Charge Accumulation and Electromagnetic Emission from Bio-Energy Healers

Poltergeists, Electromagnetism and Consciousness

Updating the Ganzfeld Database: A Victim of Its Own Success?

Ganzfeld Psi Performance within an Artistically Gifted Population

Electrodermal Presentiments of Future Emotions

Detecting Mass Consciousness: Effects of Globally Shared Attention and Emotion

Correlations of Continuous Random Data with Major World Events

CIA-Initiated Remote Viewing Program at Stanford Research Institute

Psychic Showdown

Science and the Supernatural

Experimenter Effects in Scientific Research: How Widely are They Neglected?

Experimenter Effects and the Remote Detection of Staring

Consider 'Experimenter Effect' in Alternative Medicine Research by Larry Burk, MD, CEHP

Skeptic Questions Veracity of Burk

Chapter 16 - Frozen with Anger

Memories of the White Rose

Major General Smedley D. Butler

The Doors of Perception by Tim O'Shea, DC

Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence by Steven Greer, MD

Disclosure Project by Steven Greer, MD

Orion Project by Steven Greer, MD

Chapter 17 - Too Much Body Voltage

Raleigh Electrosensitivity Support by Andrew McAfee

Andrew A. Marino, PhD, JD

EMF Services by Charles Keen

Antenna Search

Disconnect by Devra Davis, PhD

International Agency for Research on Cancer

Elizabeth Vaughan, MD

North Carolina Integrative Medicine Society


Steve Sinatra, MD

John Gray, PhD

Grounding Heavy Energy by Juan Nunez del Prado

Zapped by Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD

Dirty Electricity by Samuel Milham, MD, MPH

International Institute for Bau-Biologie and Ecology

BioGeometry by Ibrahim Karim, DSc

Let's Talk about Electromagnetic Fields

The Man Who Was Allergic to Radio Waves

Electrohypersensitivity: State-of-the-Art of a Functional Impairment

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Evidence for a Novel Neurological Syndrome

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: A Systematic Review of Provocation Studies

Source of Funding and Results of Studies of Health Effects of Mobile Phone Use: Systematic Review of Experimental Studies

Cell Phones and Brain Tumors: A Review Including the Long-Term Epidemiologic Data

Tumors and Cell Phone use: What the Science Says

Carcinogenicity of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields

Cell Phones: Read the Fine Print

The Telecommunications Act of 1996: Protections Afforded the Telecommunications Provider

Warning: Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health

Woman Arrested for Allegedly Blocking SmartMeter Installation

The Biologic Effects of Grounding the Human Body During Sleep as Measured by Cortisol Levels

Chronic Pain Management by Norm Shealy, MD, PhD

Chapter 18 - Medical School’s Missing Link

Steve Gangemi, DC

Apex Energetics, Inc.

Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms by Datis Kharrazian, DC

Sam Yanuck, DC

Cyrex Laboratories, LLC

Eat Right for Your Type by Peter D'Adama, ND

American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine

Weston A. Price Foundation

Atkins Diet

Polyface, Inc. by Joel Salatin


Incidence of Adverse Drug Reactions in Hospitalized Patients: A Meta-analysis of Prospective Studies

Gluten Sensitivity: From Gut to Brain

Effects of Ginkgo Biloba in Dementia: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Phosphatidylserine; Membrane Nutrient for Memory: A Clinical and Mechanistic Assessment

The Importance of Pharmacological Synergy in Psychoactive Herbal Medicines

Hydrochloric Acid: Physiological Functions and Clinical Implications

Homocysteine-Lowering by B Vitamins Slows the Rate of Accelerated Brain Atrophy in Mild Cognitive Impairment

Curcumin in Cell Death Processes: A Challenge for CAM of Age-Related Pathologies

On the Trail of the Elusive X-Factor: A Sixty-Two-Year-Old Mystery Finally Solved

McFries Used to Be Sacred Food by Larry Burk, MD, CEHP

Low-Carbohydrate Nutrition and Metabolism

Permaculture 101


The Scalpel and the Soul by Allan Hamilton, MD

Cancer Salves by Ingrid Naiman

American Indian Movement

Barbara Ardinger, PhD

The Heart Speaks by Mimi Guarneri, MD

Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind by Henry Grayson, PhD

Alyssa Hinton