UTILIZE the Entire EDANVIR Tapping Protocol for EFT

Jul 01, 2012
Posted by Larry Burk | 2 comments

You can now use the entire EDANVIR tapping protocol to delete the energy from past traumas and create the healing that you want using EFT, breathwork, shaking, imagery and color reframing. The intention for this blog is to outline the steps for you to Let Magic Happen in your life this year.  The blog is coordinated with the monthly newsletter which features the highlights of a different chapter each month.

A 9 minute video is included this month.

This video summarizes the entire protocol plus bonus steps at the end.  The previous 6 blog entries beginning with January 2011 include a short video detailing each sequential step of the EDANVIR tapping protocol which can be found on the EFT tapping handout. This protocol is the same one I use with clients in my private practice. 


The bonus steps are detailed below:
While resting with your eyes closed you can take an imagery trip to your favorite vacation spot, or somewhere else that is safe and secure.  Use all five of your senses to get comfortable in that preferred place asking yourself, “What am I seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling and tasting?”  Look down at your feet in this place and pick up any small objects that can serve as your healing allies in this process. Let any remaining concerns about the past drain out of your hands into the objects and dispose of them in whatever way feels appropriate. Repeat as many times as needed.

Now, if you choose, give yourself permission to revise the script of your previous trauma and rewrite past history in the way you wish it had happened. If it feels right to you, go back to that scene and imagine that you had found a different way through the situation. What creative miracles or magic solutions could have happened for that past problem? Once you have a new image in mind, put a picture frame around it with a healing color. Breathe that color through your body. Fast forward into the future when you may encounter a similar situation and see yourself handling it skillfully, safely and confidently. Breathe the healing color through your body again and put that picture on a wall in your future to remind you of your new skills.

Now you are done with the entire EFT EDANVIR tapping protocol.  You can use the whole protocol by downloading the handout from the link under Integrative Medicine.  The July 2012 newsletter features the reviews for the new book I just published, Let Magic Happen: Adventures in Healing with a Holistic Radiologist, along with a synopsis of the book.
All of the steps in the EDANVIR protocol are included in the new book.  There are many other topics in the book along with instructions for nine other mind-body-spirit self-healing techniques that will be touched on in the blog or newsletter during the coming year.

Please feel free to post your comments or stories below about the EDANVIR protocol on the blog. I will screen the comments for appropriateness as moderator of the blog and add my own responses if needed for clarification. You can also follow me on Twitter if you like @LetMagicHappen.  Please post reviews of the book on Amazon.com. I look forward to reading your comments.

Happy tapping and Let Magic Happen, Larry Burk, MD, CEHP