INTERPRETING Dreams in Multiple Dimensions

May 17, 2013
Posted by Larry Burk | 6 comments

Keeping a dream diary is an essential tool on the healing journey, as it is the most economical method of psychotherapy available. Sometimes there are also valuable clues to physical healing, as described in the May 2013 Let Magic Happen Newsletter, Cancer Dream Diagnosis. There are many dictionaries of dream symbols, but it helps to take a multidimensional approach to interpretation. The most useful model I’ve found is described in Healing Dreams by Marc Ian Barasch. In the 7 minute video below I offer two of my dreams as examples.

The interpretation steps are as follows:
1) Set your intention to remember your dreams by placing a dream diary, a pen, and a flashlight right next to your bed and within easy reach.
2) Ask a question you would like to have answered in your dreams. Add the intention that it be easy to understand and interpret.
3) Let go of expectations and surrender your left-brain concerns of the day as you float into the right-brain world of dreams.
4) If a dream awakens you in the middle of the night, it is likely bringing you an important message. Write it down immediately.
5) First thing in the morning, even before you get out of bed, write down all the dreams you remember. Don’t do anything else until you have done this.
6) Circle any words that seem to be unusual or out of place and look them up in a dictionary to check for word play or unexpected puns related to your question.
7) Consider the dream from the personal, shadow, warning, sexual, social, archetypal, synchronistic, and precognitive perspectives.
8) Check for any recurrent theme from past dreams and pay attention to any animals that visited you in the dream world.
9) Finally ask yourself, What does the dream want? Seriously consider the possibility that the spirit world may have a question it wants you to answer in return.
10) Sharing the dream with someone who can provide candid feedback may provide a fresh perspective and additional insight.