FINDING Pennies from Heaven

Dec 11, 2012
Posted by Larry Burk | 2 comments

My first experience of finding coins from heaven occurred as a double synchronicity similar to the one in the December Let Magic Happen newsletter. It happened after hearing a Rhine Center talk by Fred Zimmerman where he described all the mysterious pennies he had received from his son who had died years earlier. I excerpted his stories below from Chapter 8 of Let Magic Happen: Adventures in Healing with a Holistic Radiologist, which includes many examples of after-death communication. My coin stories are in this accompanying 8 minute video.

Intuitions from Beyond excerpt: Pennies from Heaven

Fred Zimmerman from Fayetteville, North Carolina, told a personal story about the death of his young adult son Eric in a car accident. A few years after Eric’s death, Fred and his wife Marilyn began finding pennies in unusual locations, many of them minted in the year their son died. He began to call them pennies from heaven because they were connected to his poignant memories of his son and their appearances were always unusual.

He described walking into the house on a muddy path, for example, and then turning around to find a clean penny in his footprint. His most impressive story was about playing golf and hitting a great shot over a pond at his son’s favorite hole. When he got to the ball, there was a penny sitting next to it. Sure enough, it had Eric’s year of death on it.