GROUNDING Heavy Energy The Inca Way

Mar 27, 2014
Posted by Larry Burk | 2 comments

I was taught this very effective method for “digesting” heavy energy (hoocha) through the “spiritual stomach” by Juan Nunez del Prado, a Peruvian anthropologist-turned-shaman who learned it from his Q’ero teachers in the Andes. It is simple to do in the moment when you are involved in an intense interpersonal conflict as described in the 4 minute video below. For ways to deal with more physical (but still invisible) energies related to EMF Hazards and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, see the April 2014 Let Magic Happen newsletter.

Excerpted from Let Magic Happen Chapter 17 and the Appendix
Grounding Heavy Energy

The steps are as follows:
1) Recognize that you are involved in an exchange of heavy energy.
2) Plant both of your feet solidly on the ground.
3) Allow the energy coming your way to pass into your spiritual stomach.
4) Digest the energy and send it down through hollow tubes in your legs into the earth.
5) Visualize one-way valves in your legs. These will keep the heavy energy from coming back up. It’s important to make sure it stays in the earth.
6) See the earth recycling it into compost for healing the planet.
7) Notice what effect this process has on the interpersonal conflict.