WARNING About Cancer Through Dreams

Jul 30, 2016
Posted by Larry Burk | 3 comments

The results of my breast cancer warning dreams research are highlighted in my recent TEDxRaleigh talk along with a case of uterine cancer where a clarifying dream was required to determine the meaning of the initial dream. Stories about Colon Cancer Warning Dreams are featured in the July 2016 Let Magic Happen newsletter.  The take home messages are to keep a dream diary, share the dreams with your doctor, and take the warnings seriously. The TEDx 15 minute video below is titled Cancer Warning Dreams that Can Save Your Life.

A vivid, more real-than-real dream that wakes you up and later comes true is one of the most awe-inspiring experiences a human being can have. It can be a life-changing event, especially when the dream is a compelling early warning sign of cancer that leads to life-saving medical intervention. The results of recent breast cancer dream research may create sufficient wonder at the mysterious workings of the universe to shake up the worldview of even the most conservative healthcare professional. This scientific information will inspire you to reclaim the time-honored habit of keeping a dream diary with the modern option of doing it on a smart phone.