PARTICIPATING in Breast Cancer Dreams Research

Sep 28, 2013
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Participation in the Breast Cancer Dreams Research Project will help us determine what aspects of warning dreams may be useful to the healthcare professionals taking care of your daughters and granddaughters in the future.  After signing a consent form you will fill out a 19 item dream questionnaire shown below that will be linked at the Dreams Cloud social networking site and post narratives of your dreams there. We will not ask you for any additional medical information. The process is explained in this 6 minute video.

Breast Cancer Dreams Research Project Questionnaire
To be answered in the survey after signing the consent form at

The first question is about confirming consent for the study.
2. Did you have any dreams warning about breast cancer before your diagnosis?
3. Do you keep a dream diary to record your dreams?
4. Did the first clues about the breast cancer come in your dreams?
5. Did you have more than one dream warning you about breast cancer?
6. Did the dreams increase in intensity, specificity or urgency with time?
7. Were the dream(s) more vivid, real or intense than your ordinary dreams?
8. Did the dream(s) contain an emotional sense of threat, menace or dread?
9. Were the specific words breast cancer/tumor used in the dream(s)?
10. Did the dream(s) localize the tumor to a specific breast location?
11. Did the dream(s) involve the sense of physical contact with your breast?
12. Did you receive a breast cancer dream message from a deceased family member?
13. Was there a sense of conviction about the importance of the dream(s)?
14. Did the dream(s) prompt you to seek medical advice and diagnostic testing?
15. Did you share the dream(s) with your doctor?
16. Did the dream(s) directly lead to the diagnosis being made?
17. Did you ignore the dream(s) until the diagnosis was made for another reason?
18. Did you forget about the dream(s) until after the diagnosis was made?
19. Did you overlook the significance of the dream(s) until after the diagnosis?
20. Did anyone else you know have dreams warning about your breast cancer?